Ideas to Drive More Prospects to Your Exhibition Booth

Planning an exhibit for your company?

You may have a sponsor and you might have found the right exhibition stall designers but make sure that you invest enough efforts on driving more prospects. Here are a few ideas which would help you to drive more prospects to your booth. So, let’s get down to business.

1. Spread the word

For starters, we have to spread the word about your booth. It may be online or offline. But online is easier and effective since the world has been digitized for tiny things too. We can use Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, Google ads and Twitter ads. Facebook groups can be used to post about the trade booth. But whatever maybe the means of spreading the word, it should be catchy and attractive.

So that it will help usattract the audience who are interested in what we are offering in the booth. It gets even better whenwe use alluring visuals and captivating idea to make the readers are keen to know what we are offering. Determine which audience usually come by so that we can create audience specific contents to allure them.

2. Giveaways

Next, incentives or giveaways is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your trade booth. But make sure you give incentives which will attractive the audience. Incentives that can be used are promotional items, giveaways or discount. Also make sure to make the most out of the audience time and also make them feel it’s worth their time to visit the booth.

Your incentives will depend on your budget. Imagine if you are a content writing or digital marketing company, you can give the customer your brand customized USB with your works loaded on it. This will give the customers a giveaway and also reach for your brands.

3. Power ups

Think about this...

The exhibition will be exhausting for the customers physically and electronically.


We can use this opportunity to drive more traffic to your booth by providing docking stations and some free drinks. Make sure your docking station has numerous cables for different devices, models and brands. And you’re set to flock more customers into your booth.

Don't forget to make the most out of it. You can use this time to get the customer’s contact details. You can also use brand customized portable chargers as a promotional freebie if docking stations seem problematic.

4. Right Targets

Hitting the right targets may sound easy enough but it is a critical task. Since not everyone will a valuable customer for your booth. For instance, if you are offering marketing services, selling them to a teenager will not be logical.

So, understand the audience who will be interested in what you are offering. This will help you get maximum reach for your ads. Also adapt your ads so that it will reach the right targets and gain you more traffic for your booth.

5. Loom fromthe Crowd

A number of ways can be used to distinct our booth from the crowd. Looming from the crowd depends on your budget. So, you start by not being stingy on your budget.

If you are budget is small, you can focus on the design of your booth making it attractive. You can put up poster, wallpaper and giveaway handmade goodies. Make sure to drench your booth with your branding. So that it will make a lasting impact on the audience.

If you have a bigger budget, you can invest in a number of things like location of the booth, booth design, incentives, games, contests, entertainments, etc.

The target is to stand out from the crowd which can be in a number of ways. And remember only choosing the right one will help you achieve more traffic for your booth.

6. Involve the Audience

One of the genuine ways to make sure audience visit your booth is to interact with them. It won’t be a hold back but it will be intriguing. For example, if you sell cars or bike, the vehicles can be displayed and their features can be shown. Concurrently, a book seller can display the best books and the best pages of the books can be displayed.

It’s no brains, if you have commodities which the customers can touch or play with, put them on display. This will drive more audience to your booth.

It doesn’t hurt to accost a passerby. Worst case scenario, they would ignore you but it can also increase the percentage of traffic to your booth.

7. Looking Good

A satisfying way of driving customer to your booth is to look good. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit. It can be a promotional outfit which will show of your brand name or logo if the event is casual or you want to put across a more relaxed image. The same applies to your booth also. Yes, its that simple JUST LOOK GOOD.

8. Free WIFI

In case the show event or the hotel doesn’t provide WIFI for the guest, you can create a WIFI hotspot and offer access to it. The guests can have free access to your WIFI and you can use this to drive more traffic to your booth. Isn’t it pretty obvious when you think about it?

9. Samples

You can giveaway free samples of your product or your services. This will help the customers to get know more about what you will be offering them.

10. Product Launch

Many attend exhibitions just so that they get information about the latest releases or learn about the new product. Bang with them with a new product and flock more audience to your booth.

11. Calling out existing customers

We can call your existing customers and ask them to come to your trade show booth. We can email your customers in the area and invite them to visit your booth. So that you will have an opportunity to have a face to face meeting with your customers. Your outreach may include promising freebies or coupons for the customers who visit your booth. You also book meeting so that the customers won’t have to spend time waiting to speak with you.

12. Reaching out the Guests

Trade show organizers will give us the list of the attendees and other companies which will be at your trade show. This is a list of prospects. We can reach out to them through call, text, email, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. before the trade show. This help in driving more prospects.

13. Location of the Booth

You can utilize your booth as a strategic advantage to lure in traffic. If your booth is near the entrance or end of the aisle, you should know your surroundings so that you can guide the guests. This will create a beneficial impression on your brand even if the guests are not you immediate customers. Also, if your budget allows you get a corner booth, go for it. As you know it, corner booths naturally attract more traffic and you can also direct traffic from any spot.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But driving more traffic to requires a lot of creativity, resourceful communication and tech experience. Hope this article would give you ideas and help you to boost traffic to your exhibit booth.