How to Align Your Stall Design With Your Brand Personality?

Brand identity is very important in marketing. It is the message that the customers will get from a product, person or thing. Product recognition is connected to brand identity. So, it important to bring your brand identity to your stall design. This is a great way to achieve retailer success. Here are a few concepts to align your stall design with your brand personality.

So, let’s get started.

1. Be Consistent

To begin with, consistency with your brand identity will give an impact to the customers. Imagine this, when a customer enters your booth, the booth should resonate your brand personality. This basically means that your stall should evoke the same emotion every time the customers come.

So, what happens if you do not have a consistent system in place?

Well let’s see, your brand identity will probably get lost in the multitude of communication touchpoints.

Also, you should not just think about the stall, you will have to think about the bigger picture and how to make all the features of your brand work together.

Co-operation of all the channels of your brand will help to reverberate more powerfully. Here are a few ideas on how to be consistent.

Documentation of your brand identity : Your voice, your mission and guidelines for logo usage should be included. Make sure to circulate this document to all your employees who will be in your booth.

Police your brand : Your employees can be empowered to become brand police when given proper training. So, they can report to you when something in your booth in off-brand.

Identify your target audience : Identifying your target audience will help you to relate to the needs of the customers.

2. Signage

The first impact the customer has with your booth will be your SIGNAGE.

So, make sure it has a lasting impact.

For instance, if your brand identity is funny, make a joke. Even the booth name in the entrance is important. It’s an amazing opportunity to leave a great first impression.

Make sure to have a strong brand identity at the entrance of your stall so that the customers should feel like they are entering your world. One of the creative and inexpensive ways to make a first impression is to put out a chalkboard with some details of your brand. This will beguile more traffic into your booth. You can also display your brand identity on everything from your booth design to your employee’s wardrobe.

Keep the color, voice and fonts aligned to your brand identity.

3. Logo

A logo is an essential component in brand identity. Your brand personality should be anchored in your logo. A strong logo that is brand anchored should work as a whole package to be successful. You can plaster your logo all over your stall.

It does not matter if you overwhelm the customer with your logo, but you should not underwhelm them. The logo can be placed on displays, price tags, receipts, shopping bags, at the entrance, etc. But it should be strategic.

Let me give you an example, brands like Coach incorporate their logo in their products. Since their stores have a minimal design, the products speak for the brand. On the other hand, stores like Target and Walmart take on the in-your-face approach. They incorporate their logos in the shopping experience.

4. Color Scheme

Choosing the color for your booth is immensely important and it can have a psychological effect on the customer.

Certain emotions are evoked by certain colors. It is said that color increases brand recognition by 80%. Red evokes excitement, boldness and youth. Health and wellness retailers might go for grays or greens, to spark feelings of peace, calm, balance, and health. Blue is associated with trust, purple with creativity, orange with friendliness, and yellow with optimism.

So, choose a color that will perfectly represent your brand persona and also the one which will make a lasting first impression on the customers.

5. Music

Having the right music can also enhance your brand persona. It goes beyond the type of music — think about the volume as well. While you may not want your booth to sound like a loud club, the point is that creating a soundscape in your booth that will further solidify your brand identity.

So, offer due consideration to the background tunes playing in your booth. For example, in Abercrombie & Fitch, you are likely to shout to your friend to ask for their opinion. That’s due to the loud music which portrays the cool, young vibe of its customer and its brand personality.

6. Scent

Just like colors, it is been proven that scents affect moods and perception and also can have strong emotional effects. This is why certain stores spray fragrance to trigger emotional reactions of the customers. This strategy can be used in your booths too to attract more traffic.

7. Lighting

The lighting of your booth doesn’t just allow the customers to see clearly, it also enhances their experience. If you want customers to feel relaxed and calm, dim the lights. If your identity is more energetic, go brighter.

In a nutshell, you need to know your customer and also your own brand identity. You should be able to create an experience in your booth which will establish a relationship with the customers. So, what does all of this mean? Focus on the experience, not just the products.