6 Ways to get the best out of every trade show

Trade shows and consumer shows are very important for the marketing of your business. They give you give opportunity to create new leads, customers, networking with others in your business, meet vendors launch a new product, etc.

But of course, there is a downside, which is the cost for making the show happen. Trade shows are unbelievably expensive, especially when you are a startup.

We tend often make a joke that renting a booth and popping up a few chairs in the booth will give us a successful trade show. But when you calculate the cost of travel, shipping, booth space, etc. will eat up a huge chunk of your company’s marketing budget.

So, here are a few things which will help you get the most out of every trade show you attend.

1. Planning Ahead

Planning a trade show is an eight-month project. You should plan the designs of the booth sign, brands, giveaways, and collaterals, execute marketing campaigns, create ads, create analyst briefings and more.

As soon as the show is done, you should take up the names and do a follow-up campaign.

After two months, you should look into the lead conversion and also find the ROI of the event.

2. Integrate your look

You should make sure that your displays have the same look. Different styles and fonts of signage and messaging will give a bad image. So, whatever that you put out from signs to handouts it should have the same look and feel.

The displays cost of trade show has dropped drastically. So, you should work on your brand look and integrate everything to the same look and feel

3. Use the funnel

Your goal for a trade show should be to lead qualified people into some engaging conversations – it maybe demos, making orders or just providing you their contact information.

The booth backdrop should be on top of the funnel. It attracts visitors from a distance. Make sure to put your company logo / name with an apt tagline which will attract visitors.

You can also use banner which give the visitors a bit more detailed information about your company. Make sure to have three to four bullet points with not more than 10 words each.

Now we can go to the bottom of the funnel where you will engage the visitors in to conversation about your company, product and services you offer. Do not miss this chance collect the visitors contact information.

The final step is to send them out with more detailed handouts and something which will drive them to your website.

4. Never play with your phones

Many time visitors find the booth attendants to be hiding behind their smartphones and ignore people as they walk by the booth. You should make sure that booth attendants stick their phone in their pockets and to their job which is to collect leads.

5. Don’t leave the booth unattended

You should make sure that someone is at your booth all the times. You might not know when someone is going to amble up wanting to strike a conversation.

6. Follow up

If you follow the tips given above, by the end of the trade show will have collected a few dozens of business cards. So, now you have to follow up on them. Following up on visitors will help you to convert leads into customers.

Hence, start following up as soon as possible. You can type personal emails to everyone and also mention briefly about what your company does and why it is important to contact you.

You should send emails that are friendly, personal and short.

In a nutshell

These are a few ways in which you can make the most out of each and every trade show you attend. These tips will help you achieve your target and convert as many leads as possible into customers.